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Tie-Dye Wallpaper Grays

Tie-Dye Grays Wallpaper - DW1616/01 (Top)

Tie-Dye Stripe Grays Wallpaper - DW1617/01 (Bottom)

TIE DYE offering a traditional and artistic dye impression, influenced by the ancient resist-dyeing techniques termed Tie-dye. The rich surface textures and detailed pattern offers a dark and light mix of greys, recreating the unique and random variations in the dyeing process. This one of a kind design is paired with a colour matching wide striped wallpaper and a printed plush velvet fabric, bringing a fashionable twist into city living.

Product Code: --01
Width: 52cm
Vertical Pattern Repeat: 63
Composition: Printed Non-Woven Wallpaper
Flame Code: BS476 CLASS 0

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