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Raisin DW1579/02 Printed

Antonella Wallpaper Raisin DW1579/02 Printed

PLEASE NOTE: All products are available without Appliqué and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.


Raisin Wallpaper - DW1579/02/APP/001 with Appliqué & Swarovski Crystals

Duck Egg Wallpaper - DW1579/01/APP/001 with Appliqué & Swarovski Crystals

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DUCK EGG Fabric        RAISIN Fabric

DUCK EGG Cushion      RAISIN Cushion


DUCK EGG Wallpaper  RAISIN Wallpaper


ANTONELLA is a design influenced by the European Renaissance era, which presents an artistic impression of woven fabric texture with overlays of delicate floral bouquets of Gallica Roses. This design is enhanced with an impression of hand painted finishes of metallic paint and watercolours, creating a three dimensional effect to this antique style. In addition this design features a hand crushed velvet fabric, using the appliqué technique with authentic SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Product Code: DW1579/02 Printed - DW1579/02/APP/001 with Swarovski Crystals
Width: 52cm
Vertical Pattern Repeat: 64cm
Composition: Printed Non-Woven Wallpaper
Flame Code: BS476 CLASS 0

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