Acoustic Foam - open celled (Wallcovering)

150cm Width - 6mm thickness

BS 476 Pt 6 & 7: Class 0 and 1 (Wall Standard)

Class 0 foam is flexible, non-irritant and self-adhesive making it a safe and easy to install product. It is also easy and safe to cut and shape. It readily accepts facings and acoustic barrier layers. Open celled foams provide access for sound to penetrate the surface enabling sound absorption to take place.


  • A safer alternative to conventionally used products.
  • Does not erode or migrate in air movement (up to 6,000 ft/min, 2,800Mt/min).
  • Easy and safe to handle, reducing labour costs.
  • Excellent sound absorption.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Non fibrous and therefore avoids the potential health hazards associated with fibrous products.
  • Open celled and flexible with a high density.

Class 0 foam may be used in almost any application requiring absorption or containment of noise:

  • Acoustic wall panelling and enclosures
  • Automotive and Marine applications
  • M.O.D. vehicles

See Walltex UK (our sister company) for more information: